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What Motivates YOU!!!!

December 17, 2016



We all have dreams.  Even though we dream differently, we still dream nonetheless.  Have you ever asked this BURNING question, "Why is it that some dreams become reality and others don't?"  The answer to that question is simply this, "Motivation."  What motivates you to achieve your dreams?  Is it MONEY?  Is it STATUS?  Is it POWER? Is it PASSION? Is it FEAR?  Find out the modus operandi surrounding your dreams coming into fruition. 

Knowing what makes us tick is key to exploring different avenues of success, for without MOTIVATION some people would remain stagnant, despondent and hopeless. I believe that without MOTIVATION others will remain fearful of success.  Ya know, SUCCESS isn't a dirty word. 

If MONEY, POWER and STATUS are your motivating forces then chances are your modus operandi is totally for ALL the wrong reasons. MONEY, POWER and STATUS are fleeting "feel good" gimmicks which come and go more frequently than anyone would ever care to admit. We are bigger than these things. If FEAR is your motivating factor then chances are at some point, procrastination will set in and you will become stagnant all over again.  

Allow your PASSION to become your motivating force.  For only through TRUE PASSION will your dreams ever materialize into the HERE and NOW!! Passion being your driving force will ensure tenacity, perseverance and endurance.  Your passion will allow you to stand the test of time through ALL THINGS and in the face of adversities.   

So remember, you must stay focused and motivated to endure this thing called business ownership.  You must stay focused and motivated to endure this thing called LIFE!!  And you must stay focused and motivated to ensure SUCCESS!! It's not easy but who said anything worth having was easy to achieve?  No one!! 

Motivate yourself to speak to that mountain and it must move out of your way. You won't have to cross over it!  You won't have to walk around it! You won't have to dig under it!  Your motivation will allow that mountain to LITERALLY move clean out of the way and will light the path to your DESTINATION.  So motivate yourself and you will see great things come your way!!! 




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December 17, 2016

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