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Procrastination and Fear - OH NO!!!

December 17, 2016

Well, I'm feeling a push to motivate my fellow entrepreneurs.  My questions today are:  "Why haven't you started that business yet?"  "Why are you NOT promoting your business?"  You will NEVER succeed at business ownership if you aren't doing anything.  

In talking with the many people I come in contact, it appears as though procrastination has taken a hold of some common ground.


 Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something.  Procrastination is also the result of fear.  If you are afraid to start that business venture, then you will find every excuse in the book to prolong the inevitable.  Ok, so maybe some doors were SLAMMED in your faces.  Ok, AND......  Dry your tears.  Get up!!!  And move forward!!!  Remember, a slammed door can be a blessing in disguise.  

If procrastination would have stopped Bill Gates, then I wouldn't be typing this blog to you right now.  If procrastination would have stopped Sam Waltham, then you wouldn't be shopping at Wal-Mart or Sam's. Don't let procrastination be your downfall.  

Business ownership is NOT easy.  And I refuse to give you a false sense of reality in thinking that it is.  But then again, how easy is it to do ANYTHING productive?  Why not invest that time and energy into building YOUR future, not only for you but for your children and future generations.  Anything worth having will take long hours, sleepless nights and determination.  That is the only way to make it work.  Now, if laziness is your problem, then I'm talking to a brick wall.  Sorry, but I had to add that little BLURB!!!  But if procrastination seems to be your downfall, then this will sure to be your motivational montage....JUST GET OUT THERE AND DO IT.  

Most of us don't enjoy working on somebody else's job.  We actually dread Sunday nights because it means Monday morning is just around the corner.  But this is the reality for millions upon billions of people out there.  If you dread Monday mornings, then why not try a different course of action.  Did it ever occur to you that Monday mornings are dreaded because you know deep down you should be doing something else?  You know deep down within the very fibers of your being that your business should have been opened YEARS ago!!!  Are you living to work or working to live?  Are you being told what time to show up and what time you can leave?  

What is your passion?  Is fear your passion?  If so, then success is not within your grasp.

What is your passion?  Is procrastination your reality?  If so, then again, success is not within your grasp. 

Instead of procrastinating, why not use that little three-lettered prefix, "Pro", in a more positive light. 

I will become PRO-active in developing my business venture. 

I will PRO-fess out of my mouth that my business will be successful.

I will PRO-tect my vision at all costs.

I will PRO-mote change in my thought patterns.

I will PRO-ceed with my vision no matter what obstacles I may face. 

I will PRO-pel my business to the next level. 

I will PRO-hibit the naysayers from speaking negatively regarding my business. 

Stop procrastinating, Entrepreneurs, and start making strides for a better future.


You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!!! 





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