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Turn Passion Into Purpose

December 17, 2016


Far too many times, I've heard from people just how much they hate their jobs, or, that they are pursuing a certain career because it is expected of them.  Life is entirely too short to live it MISERABLY and/or wondering of what others think of you and your worth.   

Now is the time to get serious about this thing we call LIFE!  Are you living life or merely existing?  This is the million dollar question and hopefully, you have or know where to find the answer. 

I started my entrepreneur journey many years ago because I felt stuck and needed something different in my life.  Does this sound like someone you may know?  My "chosen" career (and notice I'm using quotation marks) was that of a paralegal/legal secretary/accountant/runner.  It afforded me the opportunity to take care of my children but I was  like a hamster running on that wheel, never moving forward and never reaching my destination.

So many times I was on the VERGE of changing occupations but too fearful to make that move. For years, I was LEAVING MY JOB TO START MY OWN BUSINESS.  My first business started while still working my 9 to 5.  I would have business meetings on my lunch hour, after business hours or on the weekends.  I would work on client files until sometimes four or five in the morning.  My word product was (and still is) an extension of myself and my professionalism. This was an everyday habitual pattern but I was enjoying every minute of it.  

Well, finally, I had an extremely bad experience on the job which ultimately led to my termination. Little did I know that this would ultimately lead to me living my passion with purpose, as I became a full-time entrepreneur and business owner. 

I am extremely passionate about seeing God's people prosper and live life to the fullest.  My aim is to assist with finding your passion and then catapulting that passion into a business, and, thereby, eloquently gliding straight into PURPOSE. 

You will find that living your passion will allow your purpose to be realized.  This is so true because if you're passionate about something, you will hang in there during the rough times.  If you're passionate about something, you will be willing to do what it takes to make it successful.  If you're passionate about something, you are determined to create a solution to a problem.  And, if you're passionate about something, you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure SUCCESS. 

Never listen to naysayers.  They are "wanna be entrepreneurs" trying to stop your progression.  Stay focused this season.  Stay true to your passion and watch how seamlessly passion is birthed into purpose.  

​I'm a living witness that IT WORKS!!!




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