A business owners, it's imperative that you hone in on your leadership skills and leadership ability.  Merriam-Webster defines leadership as "the office or position of a leader; the capacity to lead; or the act or an instance of leading."  
Leadership is, of course, subjective. But its foundation stems from one thing: the ability of an individual to establish a following among other individuals or teams.
Every leader has his or her own style and strategy. Further, their leadership styles and methods will vary because they are influenced by multiple factors — the modern challenges all business leaders face today (digitalization, changing regulatory and financial markets, recruiting and retaining talent) coupled with predicaments specific to their company, company size and the industry in which the business is based.
Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL if you were able to determine just what kind of leader you are?  Do you need to improve on some things?  Well, let's find out....
Let's take a few leadership quizzes as presented by Leadership IQ: 

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