Meet Shannon 

Shannon Barnes

Founder of "Mind Yo BizNess With Shannon" 


Shannon Barnes is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, content creator, and motivational speaker.  Her desire  is to see God's people flourish in prosperity.

​Shannon Barnes, a native of New Orleans, LA has been an entrepreneur since 2005.  In the awakening tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, God removed her family from New Orleans and placed this entrepreneur spirit within her to teach God’s people the principles of business ownership and entrepreneurship.   God’s grace, favor and mercy is what has inspired her to teach others about this wonderful journey.  ​

She knows FIRST HAND that owning a small business will ask you to tap into your full potential so that you can not only serve your customers, but to be flexible, innovative and to juggle all the demands of your business.  

She believes wholeheartedly that had she gleaned from a small business developer, she would be farther along in your entrepreneurial journey.  

Her 25+ years in corporate America has lead her to not only create a forum for small businesses to thrive, but to also create a safe haven where your business ideas SHALL turn into a legacy for your family.  

Through small business development, profit building and classes, Mrs. Barnes will empower you to increase your revenue and reach, and to have a crystal clear vision for your business.  It's to work SMART not HARD.   

Shannon is COMMITTED to providing assistance to the small business owner, unlocking potential, thereby creating the business of your dreams.  Whether you need a small business developer, a profit builder, or classes, you get the tools you need to succeed. 

Honors and Recognition

In 2011, Mrs. Barnes was nominated by the Louisiana Legislative Women’s Caucus as its Woman of Excellence in Business. 
In 2014, her notary company, Assigned Signers, LlC, was awarded the Best of Baton Rouge Award and is now an authorized Louisiana Registered Agent for Service of Process.
And in 2015, Mrs. Barnes was awarded the Woman of Outstanding Leadership by the International Women’s Leadership Association.
Through public/motivational speaking and business development, it is her aim to teach God’s people about successful business ownership, outline the pitfalls she’s encountered, but ultimately giving them the tools needed to be successful according to Godly principles.
Mrs. Barnes is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and humbled servant of God.

Interview with Leadership Girl

Shannon Barnes would like to thank the editor of Leadership Girl for the opportunity of having her interview published.  Leadership Girl is an online platform designed to support and empower women entrepreneurs and leaders by providing coaching and business resources

Shannon Barnes would like to thank Erica Latrice for the opportunity of being a guest on her talk show, BE INSPIRED!!