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You Should Join If:

  • You're a start-up entrepreneur or BizNess owner looking to gain resources to take your BizNess to the next level

  • You want to become an entrepreneur but are unsure as to where to start or what to do 

  • You're looking to become a member of a community of like-minded individuals wanting to gain and share knowledge 

Frequently Asked Questions...

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Membership can be canceled at any time; however, there are no refunds. You will remain in the club until your monthly membership expires.

How do I get into the group?

The e-Biz Boss Group is completely housed in a closed and private Facebook group. Here's how to get inside: 1) Enroll by setting up your payment 2) A confirmation email will be sent with the Facebook group link inside. 3) Click the link and request to join the group. 4) Your payment will be confirmed and you will then be accepted into the group within 24 hours.

When does the membership start and finish?

Your membership will be activated within 24 hours of enrollment and request to join the group. Membership is onging indefinitely, until payment is stopped. This community is an investment that will cultivate relationships, help to build your business, and show you how to create a brand.

What You Get When You Enter the e-Biz Bosses Group:


Monthly MasterMind Lessons

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Exclusive Members Only Content

1:1 Coaching Opportunities

Accountability & Encouragement

e-Biz Boss Spotlights