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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  How do I even come up with an idea?

Not a problem.  Profit Builder University assists you with your business idea.  We even help with coming up with your killer business idea in whatever niche you want.  We take to learn about your passions/hobbies and then show you how to develop those passions into a profitable business. 




 02  What is a Brand?

Your Brand is essentially your business calling card.  Your Brand speaks to everything you want your business to be as well as enhancing a client's overall business experience with YOU!  Discover how to properly build your brand and awareness so you have authority in your market place. 




 03  I don't have a Facebook page.  Do I need one?

In today's climate, social media is a MUST in terms of marketing and advertising your business.  Your online presence is crucial (website, blogging, social media, etc.).  Learn how to harness the power of social media to gain more lead and followers.




 04  I'm not quite sure where to start.  Can you help?

Helping you start your entrepreneurial journey is the main reason why we are here.  Let us hold your hand throughout this process until you are feeling stable and confident in running your business.  You are NOT alone.




 05  How can I turn my passion into purpose?

Great question!!!  We will take you through the entire process - from concept to business conceptualization.  All it takes it you MOVING out of your own way.  Take the first step - contact Profit Builder University - and we will do the rest.