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Welcome!!  Congratulations on finding your way here.  I'm Shannon Barnes, your personal Biz Coach and "Profit Builder".  I'm here specifically for passionate people like you, ready to live life on their terms and create businesses as big as their dreams.   Building your DREAM BUSINESS can be hugely overwhelming.   I am passionate about delivering profit improvement, increasing business growth and increasing wealth from your business investment.  Let me be the architect behind your big business dreams.  As a successful entrepreneur with a knack for making money, I'll share with you everything I did to create my own successes.  Plus, I'll map out a step-by-step customized blueprint for your financial success.   

I will work with you to: 

Improve Your Profit

Learn how to increase your profit margin by making simple improvements within your business portfolio.  From there we will give you the tools you need to unlock the profit potential in your business.

Grow Your Business

Once you know how to improve your profit, we will show you how to build a high performance business model to achieve massive growth each and every year.

Create Wealth

By improving your profit and growing your business, we will show you how to massively increase the sale value of your business as well as increase the amount of cash you can release from the business to build your investment portfolio.  

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Are you ready to....

  • Stop struggling to find that elusive business clarity and to be confident in your business idea so that you can finally focus on actually growing your business?

  • Put an end to your doubts and fears about if you can really do this by getting undeniable results once and for all?

  • Get out of your own way, stepping out into the unknown, with a clear destination in sight?

If you're nodding "YES!" ...  I get it.....

In your head, the end result is crystal clear.  But how you'll get to those results..... well, you can finally stop pulling the hair out of your head.  

Let's be honest and transparent - getting from A to Z isn't as easy as everyone makes it look.  There's so much information out there that you end up spending way more time "figuring it out" than on actually building your business.  What you really need is a BLUEPRINT that tells you exactly where to start, what to do, and when to do it, so that you're making money from your business in the shortest time possible.  

Believe it or not...

I was right where you are....

I spent years (which seemed like FOREVER) trying to get clarity on what I could even do, trying to figure out my niche, trying to understand all the "jibberish".   It wasn't until I figured out how to get clarity, confidence, and CLIENTS that my businesses started flourishing.  

Since then, I've helped countless numbers of clients use my methods to start their own businesses, enabling them to focus on the right things, to get started quickly ..... at your very own pace

However, if you believe that you have a decent handle on this thing we call ENTREPRENEURSHIP, you may want to check out our Modules, which gives specific learning on various topics - all of which are designed to assist in taking your business to the next level.


And, FINALLY, you cannot be an effective Entrepreneur without the proper leadership skills and techniques.  Ever wonder why some companies cannot retain adequate staff?   While other companies are actually able to retire staff after 30 years of loyal service.  All of this information can be found within our Leadership Development program.  


Start with these free gifts.... from me to you!!

6 Sample Marketing Plans For Your Small Business

Free eGuide created to give a few pointers on simple marketing plans

Free eGuide created to give a few pointers on simple marketing plans

2017 Email Marketing Opportunities

Download our FREE template to help you plan a whole year's worth of email marketing in just minutes.

26 Royalty Free Image Sites

Free eGuide created to provide royalty-free images sites

2017 Email Marketing and Holiday Planning

Download our FREE INFOgraphic to generate content ideas for January and to start the year off right

Get Crystal Clear on What to Charge Clients

If you've been struggling to get clarity on what to charge clients....

As an additional "thank you"

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