10 Ways to Automate Social Media 

Like it or not, social media is a mainstream part of life now—for business as well as pleasure. If you’re not a big fan of social media, there are some stats you might want to think about before you decide it’s not for you.

According to Google, there are, as of 2016:

  • 1,000 million English speakers (375 million speaking English as a first language)

  • 1.71 billion active monthly Facebook users all over the globe

  • 540 million Google+ users

  • 500 million Instagram users

  • 450 million LinkedIn users

  • 313 million Twitter users

  • 72.5 million Pinterest users


And we haven’t even touched on all the other social networks out there, like Digg, Reddit and Tumblr. And as for YouTube, its statisticians don’t count the number of users per month: They count stats like revenue earned, number of hours of video watched per month (3.25 billion)—and they boast an annual revenue of 4 billion dollars.

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  • Resource Directory - there are literally hundreds of resources out there to help yo automate your social networking.  We've chosen a selection of 14 of the most popular - but remember:  A tool is only as effective as its compatibility with your unique goals and needs.   

  • Worksheet - use the worksheet to make sure you miss no opportunity to make sure your social media sites are completely automated, which will ultimately lead to customer acquisition. 

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