The LinkedIn Planner

It might just be the most valuable, least talked about—and let’s face it, underused—social network available to you.

We’re talking about LinkedIn, of course, and if you’re not using it to find new clients, you’re missing out.  Since 2003, LinkedIn has been bringing business owners and employees together in a way that’s simply not possible with traditional networking. By connecting you with colleagues, industry leaders, and brands, LinkedIn provides a new way for those seeking employment to meet—and be hired by—the companies seeking new talent.

But it didn’t stop with the employee/employer relationship. In 2006, with the launch of public profiles, LinkedIn firmly staked its claim as an online database of professionals from all over the globe and in every industry you could imagine.

By 2013, LinkedIn boasted 225 million members, with new signups coming in at a rate of 2 per second, and by the end of 2015 that number had grown to more than 332 million users.

LinkedIn has several marketing solutions.  You can build your brand, raise awareness, and generate leads all with LinkedIn.   Here's how: 

Sponsored Content - boost your content to the world's largest professional audience on desktop, smartphone, and tablet. 

Sponsored InMail - reach your target audience with content valuable to them right in their LinkedIn Inboxes 

Dynamic Ads - grab attention with dynamically generated, personalized display ads

Display Ads - run programmatic desktop display campaigns that drive brand awareness and keep you on prospects' minds

Text Ads - drive high-quality leads within the budget you choose using LinkedIn's self-service advertising platform

As you can see, that creates a lot of opportunity for business owners to find new clients. In fact, information product sellers, event producers, software sellers, and just about anyone who conducts business online will find LinkedIn to be helpful in finding and reaching new customers.

Here's What You Get: 

8 Steps to assist with: 

  • Setting Up Your Account - choose your photo & create your headline  

  • Optimizing Your Profile Search - keywords

  • Find and Connect With Your Ideal Clients - search for and identify potential connections (invitation template)

  • Find, Join, and Participate in Relevant Groups - all within your niche 

  • Create Your Own LinkedIn Group - determine your group's USP

  • Share Valuable Content - share relevant, high-quality content 

  • Publish on LinkedIn Pulse - brainstorm content ideas 

  • Promote Your Best Products and Programs - choose products and create promotions 

All this information for only  $19.99.