7 Ways to Make Your Blog More Visually Appealing

Unless your blog has a strong voice, it’s not going to catch attention and create return readers. Your blog depends on personality—just like real life friendships. If someone stands in front of you at a gathering and gives you a slick speech that sounds like a government website page or a TV sales pitch, you’re not going to want to hang around. There’s no emotional investment. But if you discover that someone quotes from your all-time favorite movie, loves doodling while watching webinars (just like you), adores dark chocolate (and you’re a chocoholic) and is as passionate as you are about animal adoption, you’ll most likely strike up a conversation with her. You’ll both be eager to compare favorite chocolate brands and movies, discuss rescue strategies for animal shelters; perhaps talk about other personal things, and exchange email addresses.

That’s what you want to do with your blog—get into a relationship with those readers who are passionate about your specific topic or area of business. And you don’t do it with generic posts, or posts that read as if they were written by an English teacher.

But writing is only the first step in building that strong, unique voice. Visual elements will add many more layers to your blog’s identity and readability—as well as capturing the attention of your ideal reader in the first place.

Visual elements add value, life and impact to your words.

We know you're busy running your business and having a life, so we've made it easy for you to develop a professional blog that's easy and effective.   By now, you should know the importance of Blogging.  We would like to show you how to EFFECTIVELY Blog in order to drive more visitors to your website while at the same time delivering important information that is visually appealing to the readers.   We want to help you do more than merely adding photos to every post.  It will help you kick your blogging up a notch in every visual area.  While you can do amazing things with graphics, never forget that it's about connection.  It's about your reader.  Blogs should entertain, inspire and make them want to tune in again - and here's how to get your visual content to be as unique and engaging as you are.

Here's What You Get: 

  • The Science and Basics Behind Visual Content 

  • Expanding Your Visual Repertoire 

  • Everything You Need to Know About Photographs

  • Everything You Need to Know About Videos

  • Everything You Need to Know About Illustrations and Graphics 

  • Get Out of Your "Graphics Rut"

  • Beware of Over-Designing 

All this information contained within:

  • 21 Ideas Blueprint - 21 ideas to make your blog more visually appealing

  • Calendar - the calendar provides tasks each day for 4 weeks to keep you on schedule.  If followed properly, you will have achieved all tasks within one month 

  • Checklist - to keep you on tack 

  • Resource Directory - contains apps, stock image sites, clip-art sites, plugins, programs and software all designed to make visual image creations easier and more dynamic than ever before.

  • Worksheet - use the worksheet to explore effective ways to make your blog more visually appealing 

You will LOVE these templates and tools to assist in applying what you've learned.  

All this information for only  $39.99.


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